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Why we exist

The Australian Dyslexia Foundation aims to provide direct funding for people who cannot afford to pay for the assistive therapies that they need. There is no existing dedicated public funding for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that an alarming 10% of Australian adults are unable to: • Enter personal information into a document • Determine the meaning of sentences • Locate key information within a paragraph 5% of Australian children will not gain adequate literacy and numeracy skills without targeted one-on-one therapy, even when best practice methods are employed within the classroom. Medicare, schools and the NDIS do not provide adequate assistance Failure to remediate literacy and numeracy disabilities during childhood has long-term impacts on an individual’s psychological and financial welfare, as well as on the economic and emotional health of the community at large.

Reading in Park

What we do

Money raised by the ADF is used to provide access to free, or highly subsidised instruction for people who are chosen based on educational, financial and social factors.

We directly fund assistive therapies for people, specific to their condition and circumstances.

We provide resources and information about dyslexia, dysgraphia ad dyscalculia.

We help people to connect with therapists, tutors and organisations trained to help with their specific needs.


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